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Olivia had some work to do yesterday morning, so I decided to walk over to the new Whitney Museum to enjoy Frank Stella’s one man show without the crowds of a normal, non-Jonas impaired, Sunday. I love going to empty museums, especially with large format work like Frank Stella’s. It’s space to think, and be inspired, and yesterday certainly delivered. I lucked out and joined a small free tour, where I learned about Stella’s exploration from the strict constraints of 2 dimensions, to movement and perspective within those dimensions, and then almost an outburst into a 3rd dimension coming off the “canvas.” I could see the design thought behind his work, and it made me want to design something that wasn’t made of pixels. I don’t consider myself a designer, but my days are often intimately tied to design process and thinking. I work closely with our design team and together, alongside engineering, we create a visual, although not-physical, representation of a thought or feeling or intention. As I looked at these incredible works, playing with concepts of symetry and emotion, I thought to myself…I would love to make stuff like this…but I am not a painter, or a welder, or a craftsman…

Interestingly, for the first time in my 33 years going to museums and appreciating art, yesterday the fact that I am not a crafstman did not feel prohibitive to creating art like Stella’s. I’m not a designer or an engineer, but with a great team and a shared vision, we have been able to express a vision together through software at Wildcard. What if I could collaborate with a designer and a craftsman and a welder…could we together capture something unique and physical?…what would the communication be like? How could we develop a shared language to realize something that none of us as individuals could achieve. Without the promise of an enterprise, or a business behind this collaboration, who would want to come together to create a 10 foot physical object that costs thousands of dollars to produce? I don’t know…but it’s not impossible to see that happening …perhaps a pursuit for another day…it sure would be nice to be creative beyond the screen…and I believe the design thinking that we apply in technology could produce some interesting work in a more physical medium. This line between technology and physical art, is in fact blurring when you think about virtual reality and 3D printing…even Stella’s most recent work in the exhibit was designed on a computer and printed in 3D (as opposed to bent from a raw material like metal)…maybe a pipe dream…but maybe something i’ll try one day… Here are a few photos from the exhibit:



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